Onboard comfort

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  • Monday April 26th, 2021
To reduce the stresses with the sea formed, the MV Marine with the Mito series starts an innovative project, radically changing the construction of its boats. Design and manufacture self-supporting full-sandwich hulls and decks, without the need for the classic stiffening frame. The hull and the deck are collaborating and connected to each other by…


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  • Monday April 19th, 2021
Osmosis is a bewitching of fiberglass, water entering the macrovoids of the product, over time bulges forming bubbles in the gelcoat, deteriorating the submerged parts of the hull. To overcome this phenomenon, it is necessary to use excellent construction products and methodologies that do not allow the formation of macrovoids. As can be seen in…

WC compartment in Mito 29

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  • Monday April 12th, 2021
Mito 29 is a walkaround boat with a central console, equipped with a toilet, sink and shower.  The goal of the shipyard was to have easy access in the console, a good internal height and a comfortable functional space, all without neglecting driving visibility, altering the sleek and sporty line of the Mito range.

Global project

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  • Monday April 5th, 2021
Mv Marine’s philosophy is to carry out a detailed study of all the components that make up the individual vessels. The systems are sized by designing the paths of corrugated, electrical cables, exhaust pipes and all on-board services. The position of the engines is simulated by checking their dimensions and boat trim. With the global…

Attention to detail

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  • Monday March 29th, 2021
There is a lot of attention and care that the MV Marine dedicates to the construction details of its boats. It’s not enough to use only good materials, it’s necessary to pay close attention to the finishing of each individual element. This philosophy is mandatory to have a high construction standard, which diversifies MV products…

On-board ergonomics

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  • Monday March 22nd, 2021
In the Rib boats there are few spaces on deck and you need to make the most of them, nothing can be left to chance. A compromise is needed between the routes and the space to devote to the console, seating and sundecks.  The MV Marine commits many resources to make the most of every…


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  • Monday March 15th, 2021
The entire Mito line is distinguished by the hull with high-performance steps. Thanks to the collaboration with the Department of Naval Engineering of the Federico II University of Naples, the various scale models of the hulls are tested in the naval tank, to evaluate the motion resistance data and determine the hull more efficiently.  In…

Rib ID

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  • Monday March 8th, 2021
In 2012 the Shipyard started a new research, the RIB ID, unalterable and unique identification of all the boats produced, thief-proof. In MV Marine RIB, during the lamination phase, some microchips are drowned, containing the serial number and construction details of the single boat.This passive protection system does not require power supply and is adamant…

The regression

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  • Monday March 1st, 2021
Mv Marine hulls are designed to have maximum efficiency, with a low regression. The hydrodynamic study of hulls and the weight 30% lower than average, allow good navigation comfort, reduced consumption and excellent performance.

Field of vision from helm position

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  • Monday February 22nd, 2021
Safety is basic on Mv Marine’s projects. Good visibility allows always safe management of the boat. CE regulation imposes benchmarks to avoid darkening points both standing and sitting, under different navigation conditions.